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Distillation & Distribution 5/2/07

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Sorry about the lack of links yesterday, I was working on a history lesson for y'all that I'll share a little later.

Briefly today:
Exciting, until you remember Brent Musburger does the Saturday night games.
UT's Pearl, Fulmer at Choo-Choo
Marshmellowy quotes from Caravan stop in 'Nooga, but of note: Britton Colquitt turned down the opportunity to be on Playboy's All-America team.
Falcons sign UT's long snapper
The bad news for Ryan West: he has to compete for the job with a guy named Boone Stutz.
LSU's the SEC favorite, but Bama could surprise
Interesting stuff: most underrated player: Jonathan Hefney. Most overrated? Brent Schaffer.
FSU won't release Warren from scholarship
Thanks, Noles. Still bitter about '98?

Update [2007-5-2 11:33:31 by Joel]: Hey. Quote from Pearl on one of those stories:

Pearl has dubbed this offseason "Remember the Alamo," both because of the Vols' bitter defeat to the Buckeyes and because next year's Final Four returns to San Antonio's Alamodome. "That's going to stick with us the entire offseason," Pearl said.
That reminds me of something . . . ..