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Recruiting Board Update 5/22/07

More hasty revisions to the 2008 recruiting board:

Added E.J. Manuel (QB), Deion Walker (WR), Vaughn Carraway (WR), Darren Sewell (WR), Mark Wedderburn (TE), Leon Mackey (DE), Keith Wells (DE), Stephen Hicks (S), T.J. Bryant (CB), Charles Whitlock (CB).

Almost added Tavarres King (WR), who instead committed to UGA late last week.

Dropped TE Brandon Moore, who committed to Michigan.

Put on the to-do list: completing the "notes" section for each player and finding out a little more about these guys so I can give out some well-formed but probably wrong opinion on them.

As for completely uninformed opinion, I'm not sure where UT really is with any of the new adds. Even though we are in an era of early commitments, most guys have ten or more schools on thier list at this point and are just starting to decide on places to visit. As those visits start to happen over the summer, the picture shoud clear up some -- but keep in mind that this is recruiting, a place where phrases like "clear picture" are wholly unnatural.

Also, thanks to reader Corey F. for giving us a heads-up on some of these guys. If you know of any players that need to be added to the board, email Andy at cornfromajar-AT-gmail-DOT-com or Joel at rockytoptalk-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

Go Vols!