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Distillation & Distribution 5/24/07

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Briefly ...
How does Spurrier spell relief? A-U-G-U-S-T-A
Clay Travis' take on Spurrier peeing in the woods at Augusta includes a ranking of SEC coaches likely to pee at Augusta and other things Spurrier might pee on.
Top seed Vandy can't get by UT
Baseball Vols peaking at right time (and by "right time" I mean "last possible moment"), play Ole Miss tonight
NCAA tightens rules over player transfers
Athletes must be academically eligible to transfer now. I think this is kind of a big deal.
The Tennessee Debacle: Out-played or Out-coached? Part I
The first in a series of Cal blogger's review of last years UT/Cal game
Hump Day Hottie: Erik Ainge
The ladies of "Ladies..." named Ainge their "Hump Day Hottie." So there's that.