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Distillation & Distribution 5/29/07

A few stories on former Vols I came across this weekend:
Bucs rookie Sears set for what's in store
Sears on the Buc's playbook: "Everybody runs the same plays ... We ran the same plays [at Tennessee]. It's just the vocabulary (changes)." So UT runs the same plays as Tampa Bay? Cool. Except Tampa was 29th in total offense last year. Oh.
Jason Hall Starring In NFL Europa Football
Leads the league in sacks, FWIW
But I especially recommend this one:
Vols player confronts a life changed by one play
Must-read article on Inky Johnson, what he's been thought since the injury, and how he sees his future.
Also, the Rivals 100 ($) has been updated, so look for a recruiting board update soon.