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Rocky Top Talking Points: New vids! Perennial losers! and the always gracious Pat Summitt

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  • I can't say for sure that this is new, but I just saw the Position History feature on for the first time. It's a collection of videos on Tennessee's wide receivers, linebackers, running backs, defensive backs, defensive linemen, and offensive linemen. There's also a feature on Tennessee history. Curiously absent is a clip on UT quarterbacks.
  • Somebody arrived at the site yesterday by Googling "perennial losers," and I just had to follow the link to see what story gained us that particular notoriety. It was reader downthefield's My philosophy as a fan: Expectations post, which I read again. You should, too. It's very good, and an important reminder to all college football fans.
  • Thanks to those of you who have emailed to say that you like the new faces series. It's a labor of love, but sometimes the labor weighs heavier than the love, and I might have raced through to No. 1 with a list or something smaller had I not been encouraged to keep going as is. So thanks. The next one, which is halfway done, features a guy who once gained more than 250 yards in the span of about 300 game seconds. Wow and woo. Care to take a guess who it might be? I think I've written the clue so that it's not Googleable, but who knows?
  • Check out this article from the Tennessean, which observes that although Pat (I just mistyped that as "Pay," ironically) Summitt, the winningest basketball coach, men's or women's in Division I history, has lobbied for renovation of a basketball practice facility for years, it didn't happen until Bruce Pearl had two successful seasons because the project didn't have sufficient donor support. Summitt, gracious as always, recognizes that it's just what it is.

Well, time's up this morning. Have a great day, and thanks for reading.