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Tennessee and the Rivals 100

So, the Rivals 100 came out this week. How's it looking for the Vols?

Well, several schools are already cleaning up in the top 100. Tennessee isn't one of them. Unfortunately, our neighbor to the south in red and black is, as UGa has five (5) of the top 100 players already committed. Tennessee has none.


No, not yet. It's still way early in the process. Georgia, with their rediculous early haul, is the only SEC team with commits from top 100 guys -- not Florida, not LSU, not Saban nor Spurrier. Tennessee's in familiar company and Georgia's the freak. So while I'm not thrilled that with the current trend of early commits, Tennessee has none from this list; I know that Fulmer's a notoriously good closer and some of these guys will be Vols. Still, there's one glaring problem that I see.

Glaring? That sounds bad...

The thing that bothers me is Tennessee's desperate need for offensive linemen and the lack of top 100 linemen interested. Only three of the 19 OLs on Rivals' list (Lucas Nix, Antone McClain, Greg Shaw) are showing interest in UT. Of the three, Nix sounds like he's annoyed by the recruiting process (and has ties to Pitt, anyway), so only McClain and Shaw seem like real possibilities. And that's "possibilities," not "certainties" or "probabilities."


Stop it. The Rivals 100, though prestigious, isn't the alpha and/or omega of analysis. It's just one service's opinion of these guys. There are good linemen to be had outside this list. That said, I would have been comforted with some more interest from the big guys of the big guys. I mean, Ohio State has three of them. Share the love, maybe?

In all, Tennessee is on the watch list for 18 of the Rivals 100. They are listed below, with rank and position (click on name for Rivals profile).

Rank Name Pos
14  TJ Bryant DB
18  EJ Manuel QB
20  Deion Walker WR
25  Brandon Barnes ATH
26  Lucas Nix OL
35  Lamaar Thomas ATH
37  Jameel Owens WR
44  DeAndre Brown WR
54  Darryl Stonum WR
55  Ryan Williams RB
56  Mark Barron ATH
57  Robert Quinn DE
69  Antone McClain OL
76  Etienne Sabino LB
77  Greg Shaw OL
78  Terrell Manning LB
95  Charles Mitchell DB
99  Matt Branch TE

Four receivers, three athletes, three lineman? Somebody's got their work cut out for them...