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Rocky Top Talking Points: Um, stuff edition

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Quickly this morning.

  • Boy, oh boy. I'm having to sift through more and more articles with each new member of the class of 2007. For the next guy, I'm piecing together information from almost forty articles and because I'm putting more of a premium on sleep these days (it's summer, woo!), I just can't do one per day. So they're coming, slowly, but they're coming. We still have, in alphabetical order so I don't give anything away, Deshaun Barnes, Eric Berry, Lennon Creer, Gerald Jones, Ben Martin, Rolando Melancon, Ahmad Paige, Darris Sawtelle, Rae Sykes, Brent Vinson, and Chris Walker, to get to. Expect one, maybe two, more this week, and the rest beginning the second week of June, as I'll be vacationing (and attempting to (irony alert!) unplug and recharge) beginning June 2.
  • To any of you who found their way over here from the Rivals message board yesterday, welcome! As you can see, we're pretty casual over here, so make yourself at home. If you're new to blogs, head over to the Welcome Post first, and then have a look around. You might also peruse the Getting to Know the Class of 2007 series I mentioned above, last year's Animated BCS Race, last year's Animated Drive Charts (links are on the right hand sidebar near the bottom, but only on the front page), or the College Football Blogger Awards Trophy Case. If you're feeling melancholy (it's summer, boo!), you might brave the series on the 2005 season. Around here, we call it The Season of Which We Do Not Speak. Anyway, welcome to Rocky Top Talk. Take a second (okay, 30 seconds) to register, and get involved in the conversation.
  • The FanHouse has posted a handy list of preseason publication dates, and FanBlogs has a roundup of the preseason Top 25s from the various preseason publications. Tennessee ranges from No. 7 (Lindy's) to No. 20 (Athlon). Ah, the sweet methadone of summer.
  • Nico over at Roll Bama Roll has promised something that will make both Alabama and Tennessee fans proud sometime this morning. Curiosity piqued? Mine, too. Keep an eye on the new SBN SEC Feed list over there on the right sidebar (it's only visible on the front page) for when whatever he's talking about goes live.
  • Anybody heard from VolBrian? At one point, he was going to post something on his round of golf with Bruce Pearl, but he suddenly disappeared. Hope he's all right.
  • SEC Commissioner Mike Slive on the BCS:
    There's an annual nervousness that exists throughout the fall. There's a different set of issues that arises almost every weekend. But the last couple of years have had a lack of relative controversy in the end.

    You hear that, Michigan? No controversy!

  • Okay, on to Volunteer news. Um, wait. There isn't much, really, at least as far as football or basketball goes, which is what we focus on around here. But the Volunteer golf team will compete at the NCAA Championships, and the track team has 10 guys in the NCAA Championships. And don't forget about Lady Vol softball sensation Monica Abbott, who has been named the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year. Congrats to all.

All for now.