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Rocky Top Talking Points: keep your pants on edition

All-day mediation in K-town yesterday. And did you ever notice that you work twice as much both the week before and the week after a vacation just so you can take the vacation? If I was an employer, I'd give every employee 26 weeks of vacation -- every other week -- in expectation of 78 weeks' worth of productivity in return.

Anyhow . . . your Talking Points:

  • Brent Vinson is a changed man, thanks to Hargrave Military Academy:
    I am so happy and so relieved to have everything done that I can go [to Tennessee.] The last year has been tough. Coming from the environment that I have [grown] up in, Hargrave was hard. But I have turned over a new leaf here. I have cut my hair. I have changed my image and I have changed my attitude about everything. I grew up without a father figure and sometimes submitting to authority has not be easy for me and that is what this place has been good to me. I would not have made it if I went straight from high school to Tennessee. There is no way I would have made it. So as hard as it was for me here, I am thankful and grateful to Hargrave.
    Woot to Hargrave and props to Vinson. Glad to have you back, son.

  • I don't know how long it's going to be there, so hurry on over to check out the "Meet the Cutcliffes" video that's currently on the News Channel 5 web site. Fantastic piece on coach and his family, including an aspect that is heart-warming, Michael Oher-ish in nature, excect without the NCAA investigation.

And I'm gone. Y'all got the place to yourselves for the next week. I'm going to try to stay away, so as to recharge. And because, like Kyle, I am hopelessly stuck in the 80s, I leave you with this:


Keep your pants on, folks.