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Getting to know Tennessee's class of 2007: No. 11, S Deshaun Barnes

Note: Best read at the site rather than through a feed reader.

The Rocky Top Talk numbers say that safety Deshaun Barnes is No. 11 in Tennessee's class of 2007. Offers from three top 25 schools (LSU, Auburn, and Florida State) make up for his more modest rankings from the recruiting services (three from Rivals, four from Scout). Unfortunately, a recent published report says that he is a "close call academically," and the grapevine is reporting that he's not going to make it to campus this year.

We'll take a closer look at him when he qualifies.

Update [2007-6-15 15:48:47 by Joel]: GoVolsXtra is reporting that Barnes has been released from his letter of intent. No reason given. Anybody know the story here?

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