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Getting to know Tennessee's class of 2007: No. 10, DT Rolando Melancon

Note: Best read at the site rather than through a feed reader.

Well, he would have been No. 10 in this year's class, according to the Rocky Top Talk numbers (which are only slightly more scientific than a Magic 8 Ball), but it's looking like Rolando Melancon is not going to qualify. Melancon gets one more star than RTT No. 11, Deshaun Barnes, courtesy of Rivals, and offers from Michigan and Nebraska distance him from Barnes, whose second and third best offers were from Auburn and Florida State.

Alas, Melancon, like Barnes, is likely headed to a junior college, although Melancon has a slightly better chance of actually making it to campus for this season due to a recent rule change that permits prospects who actually graduated from high school to replace one course grade with a grade from a class taken within one year of graduation. He's apparently so close to qualifying that one grade in one class would in fact put him over the top. Still, it's a bit of a long shot, so we'll wait to take a closer look at him until he gets to campus, whether it's later this year or next season.

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