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Rocky Top Talk on Roll Bama Roll on the Tennessee Volunteers

If you missed it last week, our friends at Roll Bama Roll (yes, we have friends who wear crimson, so we beg your forgiveness) had some early thoughts on Tennessee, and followed it up with more detailed analysis of the offense, the defense, and the schedule. They'll be posting our answers to the following questions sometime later today, so be looking for them.

  1. Is there anything we've posted this week that you'd like to clarify or refute, and is there anything that you think needs to be added?
  2. Some have suggested that this year could be Fulmer's last if he doesn't bring home an SEC title. Is his seat really that hot? If so, has he built up enough good will among the administration and fans (or does he at least have enough incriminating photos of important people) to survive another "bad" season?
  3. What are your particular feelings about Coach Fulmer? Is it time for change in Knoxville, or are you content with the current staff so long as they keep up the current (excluding, of course, 2005) level of success in Knoxville?
  4. What is the bare minimum that would have to happen for this season to be considered successful?
  5. What do you see as the biggest area of concern for the Vol offense in the coming season?
  6. And the defense?
  7. What do you think is the biggest trap game on the upcoming schedule, and what about that particular team worries you?
  8. Unlike a lot of SEC teams, the Vols have played some big name OOC opponents over the past few years (Notre Dame in '01, '04 and '05, Miami in '03, and Cal in '06 and '07). If you were in charge of scheduling, what is the one team you'd most want to play a series with and why?

Be warned, though, that they have posted a very disturbing picture of Cory Anderson and Roman Harper on the front page near the top as part of their countdown to football season, so brace yourself for a painful memory.