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Rocky Top Talking Points: Who takes the East edition

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  • The preseason pundits are all over the place on the question of which team will take the SEC East in football this year. Phil Steele has Georgia and South Carolina tied for first and Florida and Tennessee tied for third. The new poll on the sidebar over there asks for your opinion on which team will take first. So what do you think?
  • I'm about two-thirds of the way through Dane Bradshaw's book Vertical Leap. Expect a review soon after I finish. Expect it to be positive. Expect to want to buy one yourself.
  • I finally saw one of the Head Coach episodes this weekend, specifically the one on Bruce Pearl. It's great stuff. It looks like you have one more chance to catch it, on Sport South on June 30, at 6:00 p.m. EST. Set the Tivo, folks. You can also buy the DVD, which includes shows on Pearl, Phillip Fulmer, Bobby Bowden, Mark Richt, Tubby Smith, and Mike Shula.
  • Former Vol Cedric Houston is taking a new number with the NY Jets and hoping for a fresh start.

Well, the clock is catching up with me again. Have a great day, and keep your eye on the SBN SEC feed over there on the right for Roll Bama Roll's posting of our answers to their Tennessee questions.