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Rocky Top Talk fills Neyland Stadium

Sometime earlier this week, Rocky Top Talk had its 102,037th visitor. Because that figure is also the capacity of Neyland Stadium and because we're still more than a month from our first anniversary, it seems a milestone worthy of some minor hoohah.

So woo for us. And I mean "us." Thanks to Andy "Corn from a Jar" Katzer for his many fine contributions to the site and to all of my nine-year-old, basement dwelling colleaques in the college sports blogosphere for all of the links.

Most of all, though, thanks to all of you regular readers, diarists, and commentators like Aerobab, gramsey712, gallavol, rustytanton, The Power T, The8thMaxim, crazyvolfan, and everyone else (sorry, I can't list all of you, but you know you're all special, right?) who's taken the time to register and leave a comment. Like I said on day one, this site is more about you than it is about me. It's great fun to just be a part of this growing community of Vol fans.

Here's to the next milestone.