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Trooper Taylor's raise makes him the Volunteers' highest paid assistant

It's kind of hard to tell due to the funky html (memo to webmaster: use percentages for your tables rather than pixels), but it looks like Trooper Taylor is now the highest paid "assistant" coach on the Tennessee Volunteer football staff. Ah, confirmed here. Only coordinators John Chavis and David Cutcliffe (and Fulmer, of course), make more. Taylor got the biggest raise ($36,790) with the next biggest being Kurt Roper ($17,500).

From what I've been reading about his ability to close the deal on some of our higher-ranked recruits, including talking Ahmad Paige out of signing with Southern Cal the night before signing day, to turning around the running backs and the wide receivers, he's worth every penny.

What do y'all think? Should Taylor be the highest paid assistant, excluding Chavis and Cutcliffe? What's in his future, do you think?