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Tennessee Volunteer Inky Johnson is practicing with the team

You heard that right. Inky Johnson is practicing with the team:

When Tennessee football players engage in voluntary summer workouts, a familiar face is among the group of defensive backs. Inky Johnson, wearing a shoulder brace, backpedals with Jonathan Hefney and Jarod Parrish. He runs sprints with Marsalous Johnson and Antonio Gaines.

When the group breaks the huddle, Johnson is right in the middle.

He's running. He's doing leg presses. He's working on his abs.

Now don't get carried away. There's no real expectation that Inky's going to play, but man, the dude is lifting weights with one arm. What an inspiration to his team. Shoot, what an inspiration to you and me.

Most are still certain that his playing days are over, but Inky himself is not so sure. "Don't nobody know what God's got in store for my future. The trainers don't know. I don't know really. I'm praying and have faith that it will happen."

Remember that the next time you're feeling sorry for yourself.

For any of you non-Volunteer fans, here's the back story on Johnson: