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Who Needs NCAA 08 When You've Got Tecmo Bowl... College Style!

I don't have a Playstation 3. I don't have an Xbox 360. I do have an original Xbox that's been unplugged for about two years. And I do have a Nintendo Wii (I have my reasons). When I bought the Wii, I was well aware that EA Sports was not releasing NCAA 2008 on that platform, but I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

I was wrong. I started feeling jealous the moment bloggers started hyping the game. Brian, Orson (sort of), Ciskie; everybody's been loving it. Then there's a diary right here on this site about it -- the game was three days old and I had to be the only college football fan in America to not have played it.

I was bummed. Even Ryan Furgeson's negativity didn't help me out. Rock bottom.

And then... a happy coincidence in surfing the web brought me across something I had seen years ago but forgotten about totally... a college football version of Tecmo Super Bowl. If you've never heard of it, that's probably because it's not really real. It's a hacked ROM of the Tecmo game with the NFL teams switched to colleges (and I know, those of you already familiar with ROM hacking are thinking "dude, this is sooo 1997").

Anyway, here's a sample:

Pretty sweet, eh? Just think about that when you're bored with your 12th season of dynasty mode. BTW, there's a lot of versions of Tecmo out there, from updated NFL rosters to USFL versions. I even found a XFL edit. And while I don't advocate the quasi-illegal practice of downloading ROMs of games you don't own, if you're interested in this Tecmo stuff check out Tecmo Super Bowl Heaven or the Tecmo Repository.

Meanwhile, I've got some 8-bit Gators who need a beatdown.