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Tennessee Volunteers Best plays of 2006 tournament, Mitchell v. Stewart

As it stands now (the time of the writing, not the posting), Hardesty's 43 yard TD against Cal is killing (don't get excited, Smitty) Coker's 40 yard kickoff return against Georgia, 95% to 5%, and Coker's 87 yard TD against Vandy, despite the negative reviews of the somersault into the end zone, is leading Morley's interception for a TD against LSU.

Up next in the Best Plays of 2006 Tournament, another No. 1 seed v. another No. 4 seed.

What do you say? Xavier Mitchell's tackle for loss to win the game against Air Force:

. . . or Antwan Stewart's interception against Georgia:

Vote below. If you're on the front page and you can't see the voting gizmo, click on the "Entry Link" link below. Next one goes live around lunch-time-ish.

Update [2007-7-29 22:51:47 by Joel]: Voting closed. "X Tackle" advances.


X. Mitchell or A. Stewart

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  • 87%
    Xavier Mitchell's TFL to win the Air Force game
    (21 votes)
  • 12%
    Antwan Stewart's key interception on the first second-half drive against Georgia
    (3 votes)
24 votes total Vote Now