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Best plays of 2006: Wardlow or Hefney?

All right. Let's see if I can get this right this time. I need y'all to help me name these plays because "Jonathan Wade's strip and Marvin Mitchell's subsequent interception and 17 yard return for a touchdown inducing Steve Spurrier to facial grimaces like it was 2001" just provides too much opportunity for error.

Today's contest in the Best Plays of 2006 Tournament begins with the last No. 1 versus a No. 4.

The No. 1 -- Antonio Wardlow's blocked punt and recovery for a touchdown against Georgia (the "Cover?"):

And the No. 4 -- another Hefney punt return, this one for 32 yards against Alabama on our first possession of the game:

Vote below and leave a comment on the post or on the video itself. If you're on the front page and you can't see the voting gizmo, click on the "Entry Link" link below. And give me some nicknames already!