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Recruiting Board Rolling Update - Defensive Line

Quick update to previous updates: Chesapeake WR Todd Harrelson is off the board (UNC commit) as is Camden (AR) running back De'Anthony Curtis (Arkansas commit) ... Vols in better shape with Charlotte OL Andrew Wallace

The 2008 Recruiting Board has been updated in the neighborhoods of DT's and DE's, now with "inane commentary." Woo!

DT Scuttlebutt:
Added Lawrence Guy, Tony Gillespie, and Terrence Cody ... Linked to article on Marty Everett, ... Dropped Marcus Forston (Miami all-but-lock) and Lucas Nix (Pitt commit)

Dangerously uninformed opinion: Not a ton of targets on the DT part of the board, but the ones there seem to have a genuine interest in UT. The most interesting of the group is JUCO tackle/city-destroying-Japanese-movie-monster Terrence Cody, who (depending on your source) is over six and a half feet tall and weighs somewhere between 370 and a large piece of farm equipment. What makes his recruitment so interesting (as pointed out in a article) is that he's more of a prototypical nose guard that would play in a 3-4 defense than a 4-3 defensive tackle. Chavis played around with the 3-4 in the spring, could Cody's recruitment be the bellwether of defensive scheme change for the Vols?

DE Scutlebutt:
Added Quinton Coples, Jomarcus Savage, Michael McAdoo, ... Linked to articles on Robert Quinn, Leon Mackey, Donte Rumph, ... Dropped Toby Jackson (UGA commit) and Keith Wells (no longer mentioning UT)

Dangerously uninformed opinion: The DE group has a little bit of everything -- a few guys ranging from mysteriously shady to openly ambiguous about their schools and choices (Coples, McAdoo, Quinn), a couple of guys who've trimmed their choices to UT and another school (Mackey and Rumph), and the darkhorse whose stock is on the rise. The player who fits that last description is Huntsville's Jomarcus Savage. Besides the fact that Savage is potentially improving his rating by performing well at camps/combines, I'm a fan just because his name is Savage -- the perfect last name for a defensive player.