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Best plays of 2006: they might have another touchdown! v. Coker's Encore

All right, folks. First second round match up of the 16-entry Best Plays of 2006 Tournament. A No. 1 seed against a No. 2, Hardesty's ". . . and they might have another touchdown!":

versus "Coker's Encore" against Vanderbilt:

Vote below and leave a comment on the post or on the video itself. You'll need to register with Viddler to do the latter, but it's relatively painless. Just ask Aerobab and USAF Vol, both of whom have already done so.

If you're on the front page and you can't see the voting gizmo, click on the "Entry Link" link below.

Update [2007-7-31 23:9:7 by Joel]: Voting closed. And they might have another touchdown advances, 84% to 16%.