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Best plays of 2006: the Final Four

Where's the drama, people?! All but one top seeds advance. Wicked, tricksey falls to Got a man . . . it's caught! So LaMarcus Coker, who had 25% of the plays in the full, 16-play bracket, doesn't make it to the finals. Too many somersaults (one), I expect.

So your final four are:

  • And they might have another touchdown! (Hardesty's TD against Cal.)
  • XTFL. (Xavier Mitchell's tackle for loss against Air Force for the win.)
  • The Cover. (Antonio Wardlow's blocked punt and recovery for a TD against Georgia.)
  • Got a man . . . it's caught! (Crompton's 54-yard TD pass to Meachem against LSU.)

Because we're to the last four, I'm going to post the first semi-final tomorrow morning and the second semi-final Thursday morning. Voting for both will remain open through the weekend, and we'll pit the top two against each other starting Monday morning. We'll move the voting the main poll on the right sidebar of the front page and keep it open for perhaps a week.

Here's where we've been so far and where we are now:

Best Plays of 2006 Bracket
1 Cal: Hardesty 43-yard rush for a TD              

Florida: Taylor 48 yard pass to Coker for TD 1

  1. Hardesty: ". . . and they might have another touchdown!"          

1. Wicked, tricksey!

4 Georgia: Coker 40 yard kickoff return              

South Carolina: Hefney 65 yard punt return 4

    1. And they might have another TD!       2. Got a man . . . it's caught!    
3 LSU: Morley INT and 31 yard return for TD              

South Carolina: M. Mitchell INT and 17 yard return for TD 3

  2. Coker's Encore           2. "Got a man . . . it's caught!"  
2 Vanderbilt: Coker 87 yard rush for TD              

LSU:. . . Crompton 54 yard pass to Meachem for TD 2

1 Air Force: X. Mitchell TFL to win game              

Georgia: Wardlow blocked punt and recovery for TD 1

  1. X Tackle           1. The Cover  
4 Georgia: Stewart INT              

Alabama: Hefney 32 yard punt return for first possession of the game 4

    1. XTFL       1. The Cover    
3 Memphis: Ainge 84 yard pass to Meachem for TD              

South Carolina: Colquitt 57 yard punt out of bounds at the one yard line 3

  3. Derek Smith           3. Colquitt's geometry lesson  
2 Marshall: Coker 89-yard rush for TD              

Cal: Ainge 80-yard pass to Meachem for a TD 2