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Rocky Top Talking Points: spotlights and serpents in the SEC West edition

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Tony Barnhart tells us five things we can expect from the SEC this year, including that regardless of how many games Alabama wins this year, the program’s real goal is use the "rock star" power of Nick Saban to remind the world that the Crimson Tide is a tradition-rich program. Tell that to Alabama players Antoine Caldwell and D.J. Hall, who, when they initiated a three-way call to Saban to introduce themselves, didn't think he was a rock star, but a "rock head."

Auburn is more than happy to let Saban hog the spotlight, as it allows the Tigers to crouch in the weeds, sharpening another set of claws. Arkansas coach Houston Nutt will take the weeds as well. Shoot, anything to get off the dusty road to Perdition he’s been traveling all summer.

Meanwhile, wonder of wonders, The Orgeron is making sense, about recruiting anyway, and the media – Jinxing teams since 1995! – has chosen LSU as its 2007 victim.