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Two years in the sports blogosphere: somebody get me some undies!

Tomorrow will mark my second anniversary of blogging on the Volunteers. Although I first started blogging in November, 2004, I didn't post anything on the Vols until two years ago tomorrow, when I recapped all of the lofty expectations for Tennessee's 2005 season. Oops. Talk about stumbling out of the game. I went All-Vol that Christmas and moved over here to Rocky Top Talk on August 26, 2006. Putting down roots now, we are.

The traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton. So I'm (finally!) expecting new underwear. You know, it's really a shame that I missed last year's anniversary because it would have been the height of irony to receive something made of paper in celebration of the first anniversary of toiling in an exclusively online medium.

Oops again. Should have saved that last part for August 26. Ah, well, I think we'll be busy then.

Anyway, woo for two!