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Cotton for Joel, or "lol jolz annavershuriez"

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I'm a couple of days late on this, but Joel asked for cotton to help celebrate his second anniversary as a college football blogger. With all apologies, Joel, I couldn't pull the trigger on the underwear... love ya and all, but that's a little personal.

So here's the next best thing... memories of Tennessee's last bowl win, which just happened to come in the Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M. And for an added twist, done in the style of lolcats because... well I have no idea why (I thought it would be cool until about halfway through, when it turned into a total disaster. But I was already committed by then, so).

You'll remember that Cotton Bowl as Tennessee's largest margin of victory in a bowl game, coming away with a 38-7 blowout. Rick Clausen threw three TDs that day, the first to CJ Fayton:

The defense had a nice day, too, with four forced fumbles and an interception:

And since I'm doing lolstuff, the obligatory:

Seriously (srsly), I don't know why I'm picking on TAMU. I actually kinda like the Aggies (and I hate cats, so this is all messed up). It just happens that the Vols faced A&M in that Cotton Bowl. Of course, that victory helped build the hype for the Season of Which We Do Not Speak, and so we won't speak of it any further.

I recently passed the one year mark as a blogger myself. As Joel pointed out, one year is the paper anniversary, but as a better gift, if someone could just take all of LaMarcus Coker's papers away from him, that'd be great.

Anyway, happy anniversary Joel.