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Talking Points: aftertaste and serious tongue lashings edition

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  • The votes are in and y'all have voted "Got a Man . . . It's Caught" as the Best Play of 2006.
  • Remember this as you're hearing all of the talk about last Saturday's scrimmage: Erik Ainge's first scrimmage last year went so well that coach Cutcliffe had to stifle talk of a quarterback controversy.
  • Okay, so the RTT experiment is mostly dead. For now. It may be magic, but it's also work. Doing it through the feed reader required one to click to open the dialog box, type in the title (no, it wouldn't populate for me, argh), type in the relevant tags, and hit submit. And that's just if they're shared without commentary. Now that there are dozens of new Tennessee articles each day to sort through, it just took too much time.

    Enter Google Reader Shared Items. A keyboard shortcut and you're done. You can always (for now!) find a running list over on the left sidebar, and I may post an abbreviated version in Talking Point posts. Like I did here. So there. It will auto-update throughout the day, so check back early and often.

  • Don't miss Andy's preview of Tennessee over at the FanHouse. Prediction? "The SEC East team that goes to Atlanta will be less the "winner" of the division and more the survivor. UT could easily be a 6-2 or even 5-3 team in conference play and still get to the Georgia Dome. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the Vols start the season 1-2 (losses to Cal and Florida) and then win eight of the last nine to take the division." Sounds about right to me.
  • With all the talk about Tennessee utilizing the no-huddle offense liberally this season, The Power T gives us a quick lesson on how it might look. With pictures!
  • Tennessee's coaches are feeling pretty good about the left side of the offensive line with Eric Young having secured the starting left tackle spot and Anthony Parker probably having secured the left guard spot, but they're still trying to get to a happy place on the right side. In the mix are the Ramon(e)s (Foster and Johnson), Chris Scott, and Jacques McClendon.
  • Receivers coach Trooper Taylor reportedly had trouble sleeping Saturday night after giving Kenny O'Neal a "beauty" of a tongue lashing at Saturday's scrimmage. He apparently felt so bad about some of the things he said to O'Neal that he apologized the next day. Wouldn't you love to see a transcript of that! For his part, O'Neal shook it off and caught a long touchdown pass afterward. You've heard of receivers running post routes before. Now we have the post-lashing route.

All for now.