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Talking Points: no discernible theme edition

Spent the weekend in Atlanta touring the Martin Luther King, Jr. Museum and confirming that Orson and Peter are actually real people, so more chronically behind talking points:

  • Sign up now for the Rocky Top Talk College Pick 'Em game. You'll need to sign up for an ESPN account, but it's free, and if you played the RTT NCAA Bracket Challenge back in March, you're already set. We may even decide to have a prize or something this year. Ideas?

  • Fulmer's Belly is ranking the SEC coaches, in order of how likely they are to say something really dumb.

  • If you missed it over the weekend, freshman defensive end Ben Martin (RTT2) tore a ligament in his left knee. No word yet on whether it's the dreaded ACL, which would mean he'd miss the entire season, or an MCL, which is bad, but not quite as bad as a torn ACL. He did it just by jumping and landing awkwardly. Was it Kevin Simon who was injured the same way a few years ago?

  • Winging it in Motown
  • What's the reason freshman running backs don't play as much as Tennessee fans want them to? All together now: pass protection. They might be able to score every time they run the ball, but if they get the quarterback killed, well, let's just put that in the "cons" column. So you shouldn't be surprised to hear that at Saturday's scrimmage "pass protection wasn't what coaches expect." You should be surprised, though, that the statement relates to Arian Foster and Montario Hardesty.

  • Welcome to Winging it in Motown, SB Nation's new Detroit Red Wings fans.

All for now. Keep your eye on the Magic Google Column for new stories continuously updated throughout the day.