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Talking Points: Mars will not look like another moon today edition

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What to read after correcting your co-workers who have fallen for the Mars / Two-Moons email hoax:
  • RTT today. Game Week kicks off with the return of the Hail Mary Haiku and Cal linkage!

  • Forecast: murky . In the latest poll, an even 30% of Vol fans picked Tennessee to finish 10-2 in the regular season. John Adams has a 21-word prediction for this season ("Prediction: A 9-3 regular season, followed by a victory over Ohio State in the Capital One Bowl and a top-10 finish") and spends another 541 words hedging his bets. The new poll (over there on the right sidebar) asks for predictions on the outcome of the Cal game.
    Cal Mascot
    Tell me that's not frightening.

  • Image is Something. Pictures! We need pictures! If you're going to the game this weekend, send us some pictures for the site. Just not of that.

  • Speaking of that. That picture over there on the left reminds me of a few years ago when my daughter stumbled into our room bawling because of a nightmare she'd just had. After several attempts, she finally blurted out that "TINKY WINKY WAS IN OUR GARAGE!!!!" As funny as that sounds, I have to admit that yes, I too, would be frightened if I opened the door to go to work only to find a pack of Teletubbies sitting on my car. This just in, by the way, courtesy of the same daughter's most recent nightmare: they are putting dead people in strawberry cake.

  • Colquitt's hang time. Britton Colquitt's role in the Cal game is . . . up in the air. Daniel Lincoln's ready. Oh, and we're underdogs! Woo!

Time's up. Keep your eye on the Magic Google Column for updates throughout the day.