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Confidence levels: Tennessee Volunteer offense

On Thursday, I'm rolling out a new idea that will either fail miserably or be really cool. Danger and Go Zones will be a visual representation of two teams' respective strengths and weaknesses. First, though, I need some help from you. How confident are you in each of Tennessee's starters, with "1" being "most confident, sir" and "11" being "um, crossing my fingers." Here's how I've ranked the offensive starters (roll over the circles for additional info on each player):

Feed readers: click through for the gizmo!

As you can see, after ranking each of the starters 1-11, the top four were given a green or "go" tag, the next four were given a yellow or "caution" tag, and the bottom three were given a red or "danger" tag. Keep in mind that this is a bell curve, so there will always be three "danger" guys, even if they're all Heisman-contenders. Our three lowest guys right now are "danger" guys just because we know very little about them due to their inexperience.

I'm hoping that Cal fans will chime in and do the same with their starters. Once they do, putting them on the picture should give us a graphic that will show danger and go zones for the game, at least with the starters on the field. For instance, as I have the offensive starters ranked, it appears that our biggest strength would be handing off to Arian Foster and having him run left behind Eric Young and the left side of the line. An Erik Ainge pass to TE Chris Brown might also work nicely. This will be doubly true if the right side of Cal's defensive line is tagged red or yellow. Green over there on defense would indicate a probable push.

But we'll have to wait and see on that. For now, have a look at how we've ranked Tennessee's offensive starters. Do you see anything that needs to be changed?