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Tennessee Volunteer football players hit the practice field, RTT makes plans for its season, too

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Football practice starts today, y'all. We should finally start to see a steady stream of news flowing out from campus. How to keep on top of it all? Presenting RTT

This thing is magic. It's essentially an auto-updated list of articles of interest to fans of the Volunteers (mostly) and fans of the college sports blogosphere (some). Keep an eye on it because it should change over the course of each day. You won't need to keep returning to this post, though, because the running list is over on the sidebar as well. I stuck it here just to bring attention to it.

So because practice is starting, we're running out of time to finish up our summer projects. I'm tinkering with some stuff under the hood and I'd still like to try to squeeze in a final recap of last season, a preview of this year's Tennessee team, and as many previews of Tennessee's opponents this year as I can. Here's the tentative schedule:

Friday Aug 3  
Start date for fall practice
Tuesday Aug 7  
Season recap -- Cal
Season recap -- Air Force
Wednesday Aug 8  
Season recap -- Florida
Season recap -- Marshall
Thursday Aug 9  
Season recap -- Georgia
Season recap -- Memphis
Friday Aug 10  
Season recap -- South Carolina
Season recap -- Alabama
Monday Aug 13  
Season recap -- Arkansas
Season recap -- LSU
Tuesday Aug 14  
Season recap -- Kentucky
Season recap -- Vandy
Wednesday Aug 15  
Season recap -- Penn State
Final season recap
Thursday Aug 16  
UT offense preview
Friday Aug 17  
UT defense and special teams preview
Saturday Aug 18  
Florida preview
Sunday Aug 19  
Georgia preview
Monday Aug 20  
Alabama preview
Tuesday Aug 21  
South Carolina preview
Wednesday Aug 22  
Kentucky preview
Vanderbilt preview
Thursday Aug 23  
Arkansas preview
Cal preview
Friday Aug 24  
Mississippi State preview
Southern Miss preview
Saturday Aug 25  
Arkansas State preview
Louisiana-Lafayette preview
Monday Aug 27  
Begin game-week postings

Realize that by posting this I am committing one of the cardinal sins of the blogosphere -- posting what one intends to post in the future, which generally has the effect of sabotaging the whole plan. That looks like more work than I can actually get done, too, so remember it's all subject to the whims of day jobs, kidney stones, vertigo, and a host of other calamities conspiring against the production of content for a free site.

Why recap last season now and before the previews? Because any particular season is best understood within the context of the prior season, and I want to get it down for posterity. And anyway, previews mean much more the week before the game than the summer before the season. If we fall behind, it will be the least important previews that get sacrificed.

So there you go. Have a great day, and thanks for reading. Oh, and keep your eye on the Magic RTT thingamajig.