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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Cal Hail Mary Haiku

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This week's contestants:

rustytanton: sowing seeds

This is my last year,
If we lose to Cal today,
I'll father nine kids.

CornFromAJar: Daaaaaavyyyyyyy!

Bears, not so scary.
At the tender age of three,
Crockett killed him one.

rulessn: poo

Should be in a zoo.
Golden Bears will surely lose.
And they smell like poo.

rulessn: meat

Smokey is all out
of his bear meat from last year.
Time to get some more.

rulessn: repeat

In Knoxville? Bears lose.
This time in California.
The result? The same!

Aerobab: stuffing

Smokey loves to chew
on teddy bear limbs resulting in
stuffing on the floor.

Smitty: party

California knows
how to party, but football
is a different story.

Volorado: for the South

California Girls
My Bad, I meant Golden Bears
Lay Down for the South

ttocswob: out

Longshore a longshot
The band is out on the field...
Nate is just plain out!

Joel: trees

Road dog once again
Smokey won't sit in the trees
Lifts his leg instead

Vote over on the right sidebar on the front page. Voting remains open through Saturday, shortly before kickoff.