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What I'm Watching, Week 1

Yes, I counted, and I have 21 games to choose from this first Saturday of the college football season... and I don't even have the Gameplan package. This is what I'm going to be watching, for regional stuff, your milage may vary.

Time Game Network
Noon Virginia Tech vs. E. Carolina ESPN
  Michigan State vs. UAB ESPN2
  Colorado vs. Colorado State Fox SS
  Miami vs. Marshal ESPNU
The ECU/VPI game will be interesting for starters, but I've always had a thing for Colorado St. -- they're probably my favorite mid-major team. I'm just hoping they find another hard-headed mullet-wearing quarterback in the mold of Bradlee Van Pelt.
12:30 Western Kentucky @ Florida JP LF Sports
Prediction: Tebow throws for 350 yards and ESPN gushes over him, with completely no regard to the fact that WKU stinks and a blind monkey could throw for 225 on them.
2:00 Virginia @ Wyoming Versus
I don't know what surprises me more -- that UVa is traveling out to Laramie or that I have Versus on my cable line up. Who knew?
3:00 Florida A&M vs. Southern ESPN Classic
Live football on ESPN Classic -- is that like an Instant Instant Classic? Actually, with these two schools, the halftime might be...
3:30 Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech NBC
  Boston College vs. Wake Forest ABC
  Illinois vs. Missouri ESPN2
  Stanford vs. UCLA Fox SS
  Iowa @ Northern Illinois ESPNU
A dizzying array of teams wearing gold helmets and/or a combination of gold/navy/black... are networks color-coordinating their line-ups now? Anyway, some interesting stuff here as the first three game listed will start to weed out pretenders.
5:30 BYU @ Arizona Versus
There's no way I'm going to remember this game is on.
6:45 Oklahoma State @ Georgia ESPN2
Now we're talking! Night game in SEC country. If only they'd let Ron Franklin do play-by-play...
7:00 Oklahoma vs. North Texas Fox SS
  Purdue @ Toledo ESPNU
Yeah, that's not making me turn from UGa/Okie St. But Purdue going to Toledo is an odd trip, no?
7:45 Kansas State @ Auburn ESPN
Now we're talking! Night game in SEC country. If only they'd let Ron Franklin do play-by-play... Actually, by 7:45, I'll be so jacked up for the Vols that I'll forget about this game until halftime of UT/Cal.
8:00 Tennessee @ Califonia ABC
Wow, sounds like a good matchup. I'll probably watch this game.
10:00 Prarie View vs. Texas Southern ESPN Classic
10:15 Idaho @ USC Fox SS
Looks like ESPNC will be home to some I-AA games this year, which is cool. But no. No way I'm turning the channel for either of these until after the Tennessee game, and I'm betting USC is up by 42 at least when that happens.