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RTT week in review

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Big Shoes to Fill
Another excellent piece from Fanhouse and RTT blogger Corn from a Jar, this one reminding us what the SEC will be missing this season.
2006 SEC Recap
The FanHouse's Ryan Ferguson recaps the 2006 SEC season.
Hoop Vols to be different
Tennessee defense preview
Loser with Socks' preview of Tennessee's defense and special teams.
Breaking down the preseason top 25
Nothing insightful re: Tennessee, but synopses of other teams may prove informative.
Preseason poll hits, misses
Hmm. "Consider this: The last five preseason No. 1 teams have reached the Bowl Championship Series title game. The flip side: Their combined record is 1-4, with Southern California getting the win at the end of the 2004 season."
Rating the SEC's best wide receivers
The AJC's Tony Barnhart identifies the SEC's five best receivers. Tennessee will see at least four of them.
Review: The Marshall Story - college football's greatest comeback.
Corn Nation reviews the book upon which the movie We Are Marshall is based.
Every Day Should Be Saturday's passed the 5M mark
Congrats to Orson, who passed 5,000,000 visitors this past week. RTT is hot on his heels - at our current rate, we'll hit 5M sometime during the 2018 season.
Complete 2007 NCAAF Schedule
The full NCAA helmet football schedule has returned, courtesy of Bevo Sports. This was an indispensable tool for me last year.
Same old Vandy? Johnson doesn’t think so
Optimism abounds at Vanderbilt, too. Again, will it matter?
Cats are confident
Optimism abounds at Kentucky this year. Will it matter?
Mayo spreads influence throughout Vols roster
Mayo is emerging as the leader on defense for Vols this year
Vols basketball assistants each get raises
Tony Jones is still the highest-paid men's assistant coach. Need to keep this guy around as long possible.
Welcome to the Vollies, the preseason edition
VolQuest's Chris Low takes a stab at most valuable, improved, and host of others.
Just like fans, Ainge anxious to see how incoming players mesh
Wondering what the chemistry of the team will be this year? So is Ainge in Orange.