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Tennessee running back LaMarcus Coker suspended for mysterious medical condition? Really?

This morning, I linked to an article indicating that Tennessee running back LaMarcus Coker has matured. He'd been cohabitating off an on with Smokey IX since he raced onto campus, most recently just prior to last year's bowl game. That Coker had spent his last days in the doghouse was great news because he certainly added some zip to an often stagnant Tennessee running game.

Well, forget all of that. This afternoon, Fulmer indefinitely suspended Coker. Nobody seems to know the specifics at this point. Fulmer mentioned "a medical condition," but that's not generally a reason to suspend somebody, is it?

Wait a minute. Maybe it's Tourette's, and Coker unleashed an unholy cacophony of curses in coach Fulmer's general direction. Or perhaps Coker suffers from some malady similar to the afflication of the infamous Jumping Frenchmen of Maine, and he responded to Fulmer's directive to "hit somebody" by flinging his helmet at some unsuspecting freshman defensive back.

Seriously, though, what medical condition warrants a suspension? Something's not right here.

Update [2007-8-7 21:45:49 by CornFromAJar]: Chris Low at is reporting that Coker's suspension is related to a drug policy violation. Sigh. As for the medical condition, I'm no doctor, but is sounds like a severe case of moron-itis.