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Talking Points: good news, bad news, and indifference edition

Day two of the wrecking of the plan. Conquered several gremlins in the code yesterday, but there's another monster lurking between me and the publish button. Perhaps more behind him. Argh. So more talking points. Woo!

  • First the bad news. All over Rocky Top this morning fans will be donning a habit and singing How Do You Solve a Problem Like LaMarcus as they stroll through the convent. Andy and I will chime in at the appropriate time with a well-placed argghhhh.
  • Tennessee Drill! Jacques McClendon got his teammates pumped up after registering "one of the most dominating blocks of the day."  He and Walter Fisher mixed it up and ended up taking turns hitting each other in the head. Woo! Sophomore defensive end Andre Mathis got the best of offensive tackle Darius Myers twice before Myers hit him so hard his helmet flew off. Double woo! Junior Nevin McKenzie, he of the hard-hitting reputation, used finesse instead and simply sidestepped his blocker to get around him and tackle a ball carrier.
  • Now the good news. Fulmer and company are simplifying the offense, including the no-huddle, to get some of the new playmakers onto the field earlier. This is especially important when it comes to the wide receivers, who coach Trooper Taylor says could "outrun a spotted ape." You know, the primates that are so fast they've never been caught on tape. Another amusing insight from quote-factory Taylor: "We understand how fast these guys are but here's the thing: If you're fast and you don't know where you're going, that means you're way out of position." Man's got a point. Sounds like driving in Nashville, the city of the wagon-wheel road system. Get on the wrong spoke and you're in the wrong place in a hurry.

Well, back to sorting through the wreckage.