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Tennessee-Cal Game Day open thread

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September 1, 2007, 8:00 p.m. EST
Radio:Vol Network
XM Radio: 199
Live Stats: CSTV GameTracker Live

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No. 20 (BlogPoll)

No. 12 (BlogPoll)

It's here folks. Game Day.

More to come later, possibly, after the lawn gets some attention, but I thought I'd get this posted so y'all could start early if you felt like it.

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts below.

Go Vols!

Update [2007-9-1 16:53:1 by Joel]: The Power T is on location and providing updates. I have two already, so . . . bullets!

  • 12:17 p.m. -- True story from this morning: guy in Bay area asked us why we were here, and we said "for the football game." He then asked, "Cal has a football team?" And he was dead serious.
  • 4:14 p.m. -- Tons of orange in downtown Berkeley. Split pretty evenly so far, but we're a bit away from Memorial Stadium.
Update [2007-9-1 18:44:35 by Joel]: 6:43 p.m. Erik Ainge is throwing just fine in warmups. Update [2007-9-1 18:45:34 by Joel]: 6:43 p.m. Oh, and I traded fist bumps with Kirk Herbstreit as he arrived at the stadium. He said he was "neutral" and he had pretty makeup.

Update [2007-9-1 18:57:57 by Joel]: 6:56 p.m. Oh, and no mini-megaphones.

Update [2007-9-1 19:17:32 by Joel]: Forty-five minutes to go, and I just now finished the banner so that it does something other than just sit at all zeroes at kickoff. Plus, I think I may have just gone over my text messaging limit. I know nothing about it, so that could be wrong, but that may be the end of the text messages from The Power T. If I do get any more, I'm putting them in the comments. So hit the comment link and keep hitting refresh. So you down under. Go vols!