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Coach Fulmer: fetish a game of Erica, mortifying football, and boasts of law

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So we bought Dragon Naturally Speaking for my home-schooled daughter earlier this week, and I've been learning to use it so that I can teach her. The program is the standard in dictation software, but it doesn't understand everything right out of the box, and as it turns out, it's really quite monogamous. Just for kicks, I ran part of an interview of coach Fulmer through the thing and surprise, coach Fulmer doesn't sound like me.

The interviewer asked Fulmer whether he's reminded the team this week of last year's negative rushing yardage against Florida. According to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Fulmer responded like so:

How yeah yeah yeah yeah this is is members of a yeah it does come out of so very important in the morning football game in, even with a some are other we 77 known in the form were yeah as well a fetish a game of Erica Barry Wellman is a vote for a love and and gave up a couple plays a them in a mean the difference in the ballgame mortifying football of boasts of law.
Mortifying football indeed. Is this how we sounded to Oregonian Erik Ainge his first two years on Rocky Top? That would explain some things.

Anyway, here's what Fulmer really said:

Well, yeah, it does come up. It's a, a very important statistic in winning a football game, and even with that somehow or another we were ahead 17-7 you know in the, in the fourth quarter and you bring out that as well that we need to finish a game, uh. Erik, uh, played very well and our defense for the most part it held up, and, uh, and we gave up a couple plays where it ended up being, uh, the difference in the ball game. Uh, Florida's a fine football team, there's no doubt about it on both sides of the ball.