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Vote for the winner of the Florida week Hail Mary Haiku

Vote for the winner of the Florida week Hail Mary Haiku. Entries? Entries:

Jean Shorts
Tebow wears jean shorts,
Don't want to see that again,
Run down the clock, score.
by rustytanton

Al Wilson
Dear Mr. Tim Tebow
Be glad Al Wilson isn't here
It be broke elbow.
by Smitty

Tailgate in the Swamp
Big Tailgate Party in THE SWAMP
by old smokey

Ainge Chomps Again
Swamp not so scary
Tebow can't beat Vols with draw
plays, Ainge chomps again!
by Volorado

by "ball" you mean "bawl"
coupled with cry, redundant
read your Herban & Meyer
by LWS

SAT 8-9-0
SAT 8-9-0
With a home-school diploma
Testing bound'ries, ass
by LWS

Dopers and Brawlers
Dopers and brawlers
Thieves and shootists
Geightors and cheats
by LWS

Widen your redneck
You need some Jorts
Flock towards Gunsville
by LWS

what a total Geightor
arrogant pompous douchebag
you don't impress me
by LWS

Air Attack
Attack archrival
Ainge aerial at Austin
Touchdown area!
by ttocswob

Medical Condition
Coker is the man;
"medical condition" passed to UF,
who can't see through smoke
by Aerobab

Bring It
"Bring it" to da 'Bow;
Hungry for a cheese sammich;
XTFL for win in Swamp!
by Aerobab

Up in Smoke
Just like Cheech and Chong
Gators need bud and guns too
Where are Doritos?
by The Power T

Prepare to die
Hello, my name is
Inigo Montoya, you
took our cheese, prepare to die
by Joel

You can vote on the right sidebar of the front page. Voting's open through announcement of the winner, which will probably be Saturday noon-ish.