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Florida 59, Tennessee 20: early random, reckless, ranting

Beware. This could get ugly. The mood is foul. Random, reckless ranting ahead:

  • Didn't you get my memo? Don't punt to Brandon James. Didn't we learn from last year's near miss with him? Didn't we learn from this year's punt to Cal's DeSean Jackson?
  • LaMarcus Coker is our only dynamic player on the field. Granted, we tried Brent Vinson on a reverse. Didn't work. Could it be because the defense knows that we only put the new-face playmakers on the field if we're going to use them, thereby enabling them to sniff out the play? Last year, Florida used Percy Harvin liberally. He made a difference. This year, we used Eric Berry, who made a difference. Is it time to use some of the freshman receivers? Unfortunately, as Corn from a Jar said on the podcast, Florida stars emerge in the Tennessee game, and Tennessee stars emerge after the Florida game. Has the game passed us by? We are conservative in all aspects of the game. On running the ball, I like it, but on this particular point, it's not working.
  • We should have had the advantage on offense. But we didn't, not really.
  • What's up with Tony Joiner kissing Tebow after a score? That's just weird.
  • Was the entire day devoted to the worship of Florida and Tim Tebow? It was feature after fawning after feature after fawning. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Blech.
  • Who told Ainge he could/should hand off with his left hand even when the ball handler was approaching from the left side?
  • Memo to future Florida opponents: Corners, don't ever bite on Tebow's step toward the line. If he's running, let the linebackers get him. If he's passing, he's passing to the guy you're covering. Linebackers, tackle Tebow like he's running every time. If he pulls it up to throw it, he's going outside, not to your guy, so hit him.
  • I don't have the stats yet, but going into the fourth quarter, we had gained a total of something like five yards rushing. In two years. Is this Tennessee or isn't it?
  • We have excellent possession receivers. Choose one and replace the other two with playmaker types with breakaway speed. If they drop passes thrown to them, make them catch bricks.
  • What's up with Meyer, leading by 28 points midway through the fourth quarter, not only keeping his starters in, but calling bombs and timeouts? Is anyone else seething about that?
More posts, less emotion, to come later.