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Recruiting WOO! Rodriguez Wilks Commits to UT

Hey, here's something Tennessee didn't lose to Florida: wide receiver Rodriguez Wilks from Smyrna High School. Wilks had narrowed his college choices to Vandy, South Carolina, and Florida (in addition to the Vols) before announcing for UT on Wednesday.

The naysayers will point out that Wilks is just a three-star player (per both Rivals and Scout), that he runs "just" a 4.56 40 and weighs "only" 195 lbs. He's the #5 player in state this year and the #56 wide receiver -- and you can take those rankings however you want.

But in this case, I say look at the offer list: Bama, Florida, South Carolina, even Michigan was in on him for a while. And if you see him on film, he looks like a football player. I also say any top 5-10 player in the state should have a place at UT waiting for him, even though that's not always the case.

One of my favorite things about him though, is this quote, that shows him either to have a great deal more perspective than a lot of us do right now, or at least the savvy to say the right thing ($):

It really don't mean nothing with losses. You just have to learn from them because all champions take losses. All of them.
Okay, not the grammatically right thing, but the message is there. Welcome to the fold, Rod.