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Tennessee-Cal animated drive chart

My, my, my. Look at all of those bold, white words in the end zones! Somebody give me some D. Please!

Also notice the starting field position. The old standard used to be the 20. Anything better than that was a win for the return team. This game? An average of 29. Tennessee had starts at the 24, 30, 24 (on the other end of the field!), 20, 33, 39, 34, 40, 35, 27, 29, 24, 34, and 20. Cal had starts on (endzone!), 46, 28, (endzone!), 15, 40, 31, 37, 2, 25, 40, 30, 14, and 36.

Only about half of those were on kickoffs, of course, but note that no kickoff return team started behind the 20 the entire game. So woo for points and field position.

Larger version of the drive chart here.
More game stuff with actual words soon.