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Hail Mary Haiku: Southern Miss Golden Eagles edition

Bumped to the top to get the week off to a good start.
Corn from a Jar is once again out in front this season by winning the first Hail Mary Haiku, with 34% of the vote. Aerobab, my wife doesn't know how to log on to vote, much less rig the system, or she would have stuffed the ballot box for you. Anyway, here's Corn's winning entry:
Bears, not so scary.
At the tender age of three,
Crockett killed him one.
And now for round two: the Rocky Top Talk Hail Mary Haiku, Southern Miss Golden Eagles edition!

Here's the concept for those new to the game: You're behind by a touchdown or more at midfield. Only one second remains on the clock, and you have to heave the ball into a mass of players in the end zone and hope that one of your guys comes down with it. Oh, and bonus points for actually observing the traditional 5-7-5 format for haikus. Free form haikus are allowed, though. This is, after all, a desperation play.

I'll try to post the entries and open up the voting through the poll box on the right sidebar on Thursday morning. Voting will continue through Saturday morning, when I'll post the winner. The winner gets . . . the esteem of his or her peers and the derision of his or her opponents!

Enter yours below by clicking on the "Comment" link and pass the invitation to enter along to others.

Hike! Ooooh!