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Tennessee-Cal: post-game awards

Best snotknocker, defense. Rico McCoy, who took Cal's Jahvid Best from perpendicular to parallel in the blink of an eye late in the second quarter.

Worst follow up. The entire Tennessee defense, which let the aforementioned Best scurry 34 yards on the very next play and get to within sneezing distance of the end zone.

Best prescience, I. Kirk Herbstreit, who, between those two plays said McCoy's hit on Best would be good for Best because now he could just get to playing football.

Best prescience, II. The Knoxville News Sentinel's John Adams, for a comment made last week on the radio regarding whether Tennessee should punt to Cal's DeSean Jackson. Dave Hooker posed the question and opined that we should punt away from the guy who ran four punts back for touchdowns last year. Former Volunteer defensive back Fred White responded by saying that you have to kick it to him at least once because not doing so communicates to your players that you have no confidence in them. Adams then said that he would let the team earn that confidence against Southern Miss the following week.

Best snotknocker, offense. Arian Foster, on his first kickoff return,  when he launched the guy forcing him out of bounds off of his feet and five yards in the other direction.

Best in-game commentary. Brent Musburger, who voiced his enthusiastic opinion that the deal the university was offering those protesting against the removal of trees (that the university planted) for an athletic facility expansion "ought to be good enoOUGH FOR THE TREEHUGGERS!"

Best explanation of a confusing call. Will Overstreet, on the post-game show caller complaint about the Vols calling short passes on third and long situations. Overstreet said that the third and long plays are indeed designed for the receivers to get open beyond the first down line but that if the quarterback goes through his progressions and finds no one open, he's coached to dump it off to an open receiver not yet at the first down line. Doing so allows a playmaker to at least attempt to catch the ball and then run for the first down, and in the worst case scenario, it avoids a sack and loss of yardage.

Best instinct and adrenaline leading to stupidity. Austin Rogers, I believe, who, after having his helmet knocked off continued running down the field head first.

Best awareness. Chris Brown, who converted a mid-field play into a goal-line situation by diving over a defender for the first down after catching a pass.

Best open-thread comment. davyg: "some defense might be nice for the 2nd half." Yeah.

Leave your post-game awards below.