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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Southern Miss Hail Mary Haiku

This week's contestants in the Hail Mary Haiku:

Eagle Poop

No "Favre magic" for
yella' eagles; try to fly
but poop at take-off!
by Aerobab

Special Teams

Southern Miss is good
Their special teams are as well
We need a special teams coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Smitty

BIG ORANGE will turn the GOLDEN EAGLES into a bunch of TURKEY BUZZARDS. Umbrellas will be passed out at the game for Home Fans jusT in case those BUZZARDS try to drop any CRAP BOMBS.GO BIG ORANGE STUFF THE TURKEYS. MORE NEWS TO COME,OLD SMOKEY
by old smokey

Golden opportunity

Eagles, another
golden opportunity.
Let's not blow this one.
by Joel

No More Tedford!
Southern Miss coaches
dumber than Miss South Car-o-
lina, we should hope.
by Volorado


dyslexic defense
Muthern Siss Olden Geagles
vut pols in sheep dip*
by ttocswob

In the Now
Can't forget Eagles
Stop worrying about Florida
Don't become Michigan
by belligerentme


Poor little Seymour,
Fulmer missed his lunch again,
He burps gold feathers.
by rustytanton

Eagles are golden
Could do what other birds do
Crap on Rocky Top
by The Power T

The end of Brett Favre

Proud alum Favre will
expire, not retire,
seeing Eagles crushed.
by CornFromAJar

Vote over on the right sidebar of the front page. I'll try to announce the winner before kickoff Saturday. And just for the record, my vote's going to Old Smokey because the old dawg heaved that sucker into the river!