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The 2007 Outback Bowl open game thread: Tennessee Volunteers v. Wisconsin Badgers

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Update [2008-1-1 14:57:17 by Joel]: Vols win, 21-17 on an Antonio Wardlow interception near or in the end zone as Wisconsin was threatening to go ahead with time winding down. Good game by both teams.
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No. 16 (BlogPoll)

January 1, 2007, 11:00 a.m. EST
Radio: Vol Network
Internet Audio:
XM Radio: 140
Phone Broadcast: TeamLine
Live Stats: Yahoo! Sports

No. 18 (BlogPoll)


Tennessee rush
Wisconsin defense
Tennessee pass
Wisconsin defense
Wisconsin rush
Tennessee defense
Wisconsin pass
Tennessee defense
70 40 68 69
49 46 19 68
Wisconsin logo
Tennessee logo
Wisconsin logo


Field Goals
Tennessee punting
Wisconsin punt return
Wisconsin punting
Tennessee punt return
T-13 38 51  
T-13 23 62
Wisconsin logo
Tennessee logo
Wisconsin logo


09/01 at #12 California 45-31
09/08 So Miss 39-19
09/15 at #5 Florida 59-20
09/22 Arkansas St 48-27
10/06 #12 Georgia 35-14
10/13 at Miss St 33-21
10/20 at Alabama 41-17
10/27 #16 S Carolina 27-24
11/03 La Lafayette 59-7
11/10 Arkansas 34-13
11/17 Vanderbilt 25-24
11/24 at Kentucky 52-50
12/01 at #7 LSU 21-14
09/01 Wash St 42-21
09/08 at UNLV 20-13
09/15 The Citadel 45-31
09/22 Iowa 17-13
09/29 Mich St 37-34
10/06 at Illinois 31-26
10/13 at Penn State 38-7
10/20 N Illinois 44-3
10/27 Indiana 33-3
11/03 at #1 Ohio St 38-17
11/10 #12 Michigan 37-21
11/17 at Minnesota 41-34

All of the above information is mostly with starters Demonte Bolden, Rico McCoy, and Lucas Taylor (who will all be out) for the Vols and partially without P.J. Hill (who will play as the 2nd RB) for Wisconsin. Still Florida State was down 36 players yesterday and still made a game of it, so there's hope. Here's to even more hoping that John Chavis will have something schemed up and his players ready to stop the running game like he did for the Dawg- and Hawg-Whoopin's. And still more hope that Ainge's secret shoulder injury is better so that he can throw the ball down the field and not risk, oh, say a cornerback baiting him into throwing an interception for a touchdown on an out route.

I don't know about you, but I have resolved not to utter the phrase "SEC Speed" during the game thread. Yes, the SEC currently holds a perfect 2007 Bowl Season record, but it's not like the Big This-One-Goes-To-Eleven is a bunch of slugs or anything. And let's not jinx ourselves into becoming the only SEC team to lose a bowl this year, m'kay?

CT4UT and Old Smokey tie for the season's final Hail Mary Haiku with the following:

Outback Bartending

Young Vols shorthanded.
Is moonshine on Rocky Top
Stronger than Wiscy?
by CT4UT

Where's the Beef?

Phil cuts the CHEESE
while VOLS bag the Badgers
Smokey gets the BONE!!!
by old smokey

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts below.

Go Vols!