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Just received by email. Posting for those of you not on the list.

Dear friends,

Over the past month, I have had a lot of great discussions with some of football's brightest coaches about our offensive coordinator opening.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the search and research process and there certainly was a lot of interest in this position.  I took the attitude that this was a great opportunity for me to evaluate the coaching talent out there and find the perfect fit for a new era of Tennessee offensive football.

Today is an exciting day for the Tennessee football program as we introduce Dave Clawson as our new offensive coordinator.  Dave brings experience both as an offensive coordinator at Lehigh and Villanova and a head coach at Fordham and Richmond.  During his eight seasons as a head coach, he has proven himself as a program builder, being named national Division I-AA coach of the year twice.

Dave brings a great work ethic, high energy and is a great teacher of quarterbacks.  His multiple offensive system using the talents of the players available to their fullest has been impressive.  He has a great passion for recruiting, which is important for Tennessee, and his experience as a head coach will serve us well.

He is young, highly intelligent and competitive, well-organized and a great person and family man - all attributes I was looking for.

Over the next few months, Dave will be on the road meeting with recruits, fans, friends and alumni.  I hope many of you will come out to meet him at one of our Football Recruiting Celebrations in Knoxville, Nashville or Memphis on Thursday, February 7.

Please help me welcome Dave, his wife Catherine and kids Courtney and Eric to the Tennessee family.

Go Vols!

Phillip Fulmer