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We weren't really expecting to beat Florida in the Swamp again, but we sure weren't expecting to get completely and utterly embarrassed, either. The game started with Brandon James returning our very first punt for a touchdown and ended with rumors of one of our guys inexcusably vocalizing surrender to his opponent.

In between, we squandered opportunity after opportunity, settling for field goals instead of touchdowns and failing to stoke any spark of momentum created by the rare big play. Case in point: shortly after Eric Berry returned a Tim Tebow interception 96 yards for a touchdown early in the second half, Erik Ainge and Arian Foster botched a handoff due to Ainge attempting the exchange with his off hand because of his injured pinky, and a Gator defender scooped up the fumble and ran it in for a touchdown.

At that point, the rout was on. Tennessee's final five possessions consisted of seven yards and a punt, 28 yards and an over-on-downs, five yards and a punt, nine yards and an interception, and eight yards and a merciful expiration of time. Meanwhile Florida went 99 yards for a TD, 53 yards for a TD, 66 yards for a field goal, and 29 yards for a TD. As I said after the game, "Final score 59 to 20. Final emotion: Disgrace. Humiliation. Embarrassment. I live in a place called Dishumiliarrassment."

Well, on to the more positive. Expect the five biggest surprised of 2007 beginning on Monday.

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By the way . . . honorable mention for the biggest disappointments of 2007: losing to Alabama and LaMarcus Coker's last straw. What do y'all have?