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2007 CFBA Nominations: Best New Blog

Okay, nomination time for the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards. Orson has the categories and the nomination instructions. A few things to keep in mind:

First, for bloggers, the best way to nominate somebody or somebody's post is to post your nomination on your own blog and say why you feel that person or thing deserves consideration. Yes, it's work (believe me, I know -- I had to resort to a link dump last year), but conversation is the best way to accomplish some of the more important goals of this thing. We're all extraordinarily busy, and the blogosphere is growing so fast that it is impossible for any single person to keep up with it. I bet, though, that you, like me, were able to keep tabs on your own little piece of it. For instance, chances are that even Brian, Orson, Peter, and Kyle, who are all extremely well-read, are unaware of some of the new Tennessee blogs that popped up this year. By nominating them, I can shine a little attention on them and encourage some consideration for them. Likewise, I'm almost positive that there are new blogs of other conferences that are quite good even though I've never even heard of them. Hopefully, we'll all be exposed to some great new stuff this year.

Failing that, use a link dump (same thing as above, but without commentary). If you post something, remember to link to it in the comment thread of Orson's nomination post. In either case, and even if you don't post anything, use Brian's Nominating GIZMO.

Also, remember that readers and bloggers alike can nominate their favorites, so readers, leave your nominations in a nomination comment thread or post a diary, and in either case, use the Gizmo. Finally, remember that last year's winner in any given category cannot win this year. So, as Peter said, don't nominate EDSBS for Funniest Blog, even though it is. Check the 2006 Trophy Case if you're unsure.

All right then, a few to kick things off here:



Winner determined by:

Last Year's Winner (ineligible)

Best new blog

FOR: The best blog started within the past year.

CRITERIA: Must have launched sometime after the prior year's national championship game. Transitioning to a new blog or affiliating with a network mid-stream doesn't count.


  • Third Saturday in Blogtober. This group of Alabama and Tennessee fans decided to hang out a shingle as a team and, rather than arguing back and forth between separate blogs, keep most of the animosity in-house. Sports blogs thrive on such things, so what could be better than one with it built right in? Great concept, great name, and great content.
  • Gate 21. Another great new Tennessee blog, one that I was unfortunately late in discovering this season. Like he says in his explanation of the blog's name, both the blog and the actual Gate 21 lead to a place where time is well wasted.
  • Best of the SEC Blogs does an exceptional job of filling a great need: sifting through SEC blogs and identifying the best morsels. It's like having your own personal intelligent feed reader with insightful commentary.
  • Black Heart Gold Pants. These guys parlayed their long-time starring role in EDSBS comment threads into their own fantastic, hilarious Hawkeyes blog back in September.


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