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2007 College Football Blogger Awards: the rest of the RTT nominees

Aaaand the rest of 'em. Be sure to get your nominations in by midnight Sunday 'cause we start gathering it all up and trying to make it all nice and tidy Monday morning. Remember bloggers, if you get behind, just link dump and if you don't even have time for that, then use the gizmo. Readers, comment in somebody's thread or use the gizmo. Thanks to everyone who's played along so far.

Best photoshop

FOR: The best doctored picture

CRITERIA: Must be a picture that’s been altered in some way to make it funny, poignant, whatever.



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New for 2007

Best YouTube

FOR: The best video of the college football blogosphere during the year.

CRITERIA: Like the Best Audio, but video. Parodies, etc. Highlight reels may qualify if they are particularly creative.


  • Kige Ramsey is [shaking hands for emphasis] twenty degree of awesome. [/end shaking hands for emphasis] Get this guy a cameraman!

  • Or . . . this is one of several brilliant parodies of the Mike Gundy meltdown:

  • And still more fun with Gundy:


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New for 2007

Best post

FOR: The finest individual post of the college football year.

CRITERIA: Best post for whatever reason.


  • September 1, 2007: Fifth-ranked Michigan is upset at the Big House by Div. I-AA Appalachian State on a last-second blocked field goal attempt. September 2, 2007: MGoBlog posts four consecutive pictures of kittens. Brian's peculiar self-medication was made all the more brilliant by the fact that he completely revamped his theme for the occasion. The Wayback Machine doesn't have it yet, so no link's available, but if I remember correctly, it was a soothing, beautiful pink.



Blogger Championship Series's just like that other BCS except completely different. We'll be handing out Best Blog awards for each of the BCS conferences, plus one for mid-major coverage (including all independents other than Notre Dame), and one for more general, national coverage blogs. After long debate we decided to put Notre Dame blogs in with the Big East, as the "non-BCS" category is supposed to be an award for mid-majors, which Notre Dame is certainly not. Since ND shares bowl affiliations with the Big East and plays the rest of their sports there, it seemed the logical choice.


Best ACC blog

Statefans Nation. Can somebody please explain to me how the NC State football program can spawn a blog with such an active community? Boggles.

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Eagle in Atlanta

Best Big East/Notre Dame blog

 Rakes of Mallow, for, as I said earlier, a fine Job this season. Also, House Rock Built for posts like the All Hairmericans lists and the handy state pronunciation guide for Les Miles. And don't forget last year's runner-up, Card Chronicle.

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Blue-Gray Sky

Best Big Ten blog

Let's go with one of last year's nominees again, Black Shoe Diaries who should probably also get some consideration for The Job Award, and Maize N Brew, who had this to say about the whole Michigan-Appy State thing:

My father has never been good at describing situations to those who are emotionally invested in something he is not. I went to Michigan, he to Harvard. Football does not matter to Harvard or its student population, and it mattered less in the 60's when he was a student. He respects but does not understand my mania, because unless he went to a football mad school, there is no way he could. While normally we are very close, this a moment of pure disconnect I will likely never forget.

I knew that Michigan was leading by a point and that there was time on the clock. Dad had been updating me by phone, live as it went on. While stopped at a Mobil gas station in the middle of nowhere Dad called me. He described the situation thusly:

Michigan's leading 32 to 31. There are 30 seconds to go.


And Appalachian State is on the Michigan 5 yard line.

It was at that point I understood how princes throughout the ages have disposed of their progenitors so easily and without remorse.

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Best Big 12 blog

I'm going with Corn Nation. Want Nebraska football information and analysis? He's got it. In need of a reliable review of any college football book ever published, complete with interviews of the author? Jon the loveable curmudgeon is your man. Jon also takes the lead in general college baseball coverage.

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Burnt Orange Nation

Best Pac-10 blog

To be honest, Conquest Chronicles is the only Pac-10 blog I read on a regular basis. Paragon SC is an oasis in an ever expanding desert of insanity out there in the West.

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Bruins Nation

Best SEC blog

Oh, wow. This is hard. Georgia bloggers really need their own category, so I'll just nominate three of those: Dawg Sports, whose Kyle has a shortcut for every thought he's ever had (and which has kicked things up a level with the addition of MaconDawg), Georgia Sports Blog, whose Paul Westerdawg is as well-connected as they come, and Hey Jenny Slater, whose Doug is just like "Jessica Simpson . . . [o]nly smarter and with a snarkier sense of humor. And a lot less attractive. And also a dude." And I can't just leave out Roll Bama Roll, can I? So there's four. Narrow it down from there yourself.

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Best Non-BCS blog

Since Hawaii was the belle of the ball this year, let's go with The Warriors Will Throw (you off the Pali), whatever that means. I only recently discovered this blog, but I like what I see so far.

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Block U



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People’s Champ Award

Just like the MNC, but voting is open to everyone, not just bloggers

It might just make me sick again this year, but Orson, Orson, Orson.

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New for 2007