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More 2007 College Football Blogger Award Nominations

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More CFBA nominations. I've mostly not mentioned those that are ineligible by virtue of having won last year, so no slight intended. Readers, chime in with your own below or use the nomination gizmo.



Winner determined by:

Last Year's Winner (ineligible)

Best community

FOR: The blog with the best community interaction.

CRITERIA: A regular solicitation of input from readers and utilization of reader-produced content.


MGoBlog. 90. 698. 224. 513. 405. Those are the number of comments currently on the front page posts of MGoBlog. 2019 is the number of comments on the Michigan-Florida preview post alone. Yes, this category is about more than just numbers, and EDSBS commenters may win a witty war (and Orson does a great job of cultivating that), but . . . you can't ignore those numbers.


Burnt Orange Nation

Best MSM blog

FOR: The best blog rocked by an Official Journalist. For the purposes of this category, "Official Journalist" is anyone blogging in said capacity at either a newspaper website or one of the big internet sites like or; Official Journalists with indie side projects go elsewhere.


I love Clay Travis, but I'm iffy on whether he's a blogger, so . . . for me, this one goes to a newcomer -- Spencer Hall, for the Sporting News. Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Orson, but he was the first pick in the pro draft this year, and good for him. He's been dominating the amateur ranks for two years now, and who isn't bullish on him doing the same in the pros?

Blogger vote

D.C. Sports Bog

Funniest blog

FOR: The funniest blog.

CRITERIA: The funniest college football blog.


Hey Jenny Slater. I'd completely forgotten that HJS was last year's runner-up in this category, but I knew that it was the blog that most consistently made me laugh out loud. Except for the Simpsons post a couple of years ago (it was the brilliant origin of the whole compare-a-team-coach-or-conference-to-some- pop-culture-thing thing, which has since become a sub-genre of its own), I for some reason couldn't recall off the top of my head any particular post of Doug's that stuck out. The reason? They're all funny. For instance, when I went looking for a post to link to, Doug failing the Scientology quiz was right at the top of the page. That post has only a tangential relationship to college football, but it's a good example of how Doug can take most any topic, including football, and make it interesting by weaving hilarity into it:

By now I'm sure you've all seen the above video in which Tom Cruise flaps his gibs for nine and a half minutes about . . . well, nothing in particular. I mean, ostensibly it's about Scientology and how ZOMG AWESOME it is to be part of it, but round about a minute and a half in it's pretty much just Cruise on autopilot, talking to hear himself talk, luxuriating in the aroma of his own metaphorical farts, with the occasional maniacal laughter or Creepy Face thrown in like some kind of bad Bond villain.

Blogger vote


Best writing

FOR: The blog with the most consistently expressive and excellent writing.

CRITERIA: Mechanical competency, yes, but the ability to turn a devastatingly funny phrase or write something compelling is probably more important. This isn't an award for copy editing; it's an award for kickin' prose.


Maize 'n' Brew may have gotten there first, but I was heading in the same direction. It matters not to me that Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars posted a grand total of ten times over the course of the season. Michigan lost two coaches over the last two seasons, and nobody says goodbye like Johnny.



Best analysis

FOR: Cogent, interesting analysis.

CRITERIA: Emphasis placed on statistical manipulation, well researched pieces that reveal something new, and/or solid argumentative pieces that function as the authoritative last word on a subject


SMQ. Last year's runner-up. There are so many posts with an analytic bent to choose from, but I think his best work is found in the "[w]eekly obsessing over statistical anomalies and fringe idiosyncracies" otherwise known as Life on the Margins.

Blogger vote


Best looking blog

FOR: The coolest-looking/prettiest blog, the best layout and design.

CRITERIA: An aesthetic appeal, whether from a stylish banner, a pleasing layout, or an eye-catching incorporation of blog technology.


I nominated TrojanWire last year, and I'll do so again this year. All y'all know I'm a sucker for the Flash, so I'm still loving the Flashy line-up thingamabob. But the rest of the site is cool, too. A brick background, ivy draped along the borders of the content, the permalink and comment icons, the Flashy schedule -- ooh, I like.

Blogger vote

Bevo Sports

The Job Award

FOR: The blog that has suffered through its chosen team’s dismal season with the most dignity.

CRITERIA: Continued engagement in the face of crippling, misery-inducing defeat. A stiff-upper lip and sane reaction to everything crumbling to dust.


I have to agree with DawgSports' MaconDawg, who first narrows the list to Notre Dame, then finally to Rakes of Mallow. When you can go from the preseason And So It Is Upon Us post that references predictions of "close to double digit wins" to Yikes one day later, to What Doesn't Kill Us Only Makes Us Stronger a week later, to Formerly Prestigious College Football Team Accepting Applicants at Many Positions! Apply Now! two weeks later, all the way through to the bitter end, well, you have done an excellent job by simply surviving. CW, you must now have the strength of Hercules, and, sorry, but the phrase The Season of Which We Do Not Speak is already taken.

Blogger vote

Hey Jenny Slater

Best audio

FOR: A somewhat abstract category, this is either for the best semi- or regularly-produced college football podcast or the single best piece of audio put out by the college football blogosphere during the year.

CRITERIA: Uh, must be audio. And about college football, you know. Note that this is "podcast" in a really broad sense. Parody songs, incoherent ravings, and whatever else you've got are nominateable. One restriction: it has to be self-generated.


In the Bleachers. These guys do it week in, week out, without fail. College Football Podcast. I just recently discovered this, but I really like what little I've heard so far.

Blogger vote

Lee Corso Slo Jam, by EDSBS

Best regular feature

FOR: The best recurring feature of the year.

CRITERIA: The feature should be posted weekly and be generally good and stuff.RTT NOMINATIONS:

SMQ's Life on the Margins is fantastic, so don't miss it, but it's not eligible this year due to SMQ winning this category last year. Equally as good, and even more daunting is MGoBlog's Upon Further Review. Follow the link down the rabbit hole, review, and return, then see if you can still see straight. Excellent stuff. The only reason I'd put it below Life on the Margins is because is specific to a team I don't follow. It's stuff like this, though, that each blogger wants to emulate for his own team -- if only he could.

Blogger vote

Friday Morning Quarterback, by SMQ