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Well, the good news just keeps pouring in, doesn't it? What's that, four arrests in three weeks? This must stop. From GVX:

Tennessee junior offensive lineman Anthony Parker was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct about 12:30 a.m. Saturday, WVLT-TV reported on its Web site Saturday. Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer is expected to issue a statement on Parker's arrest later today.
Here's what I'm hoping Fulmer's statement looks like:
Anthony Parker is a freakin' idiot for doing something so stupid right after the Gerald Jones/Ahmad Paige and Daryl Vereen incidents. I'm workin' my butt off, traveling all over the country trying to recruit good players for this team, and these guys are killing me. I'm leaving my family at home so I can do that, and now I have to cut that short and come home, not to see my wife and kids, but to chew this guy out.

Enough. Parker, Jones, Paige, Vereen. They're all suspended. Two games. If they so much as look at me the wrong way, they can double that. The next person who gets in trouble with the cops is getting kicked off the team. I don't care who it is. Test me and see. Idiot kids. Go to bed already. Drink some water. Play some video games. Stay inside. Fools.

That's what I want him to say, anyway. Here's what he will say:
I am extremely disappointed with Anthony. He has some things to do to make things right, such as volunteering at a drug program and police ride-alongs. The whole team is going to run for Anthony's indiscretion.
You know, sometimes counting to ten and cooling down before you respond to something is a good idea. Take this post, for example. I'm ashamed of these guys, but I probably shouldn't hit "publish" right now. I should wait and reconsider and say the right thing later instead of the wrong thing now.

But sometimes, when you've tried everything else -- and coach Fulmer, I'm talking to you -- you should just go ahead and get ticked. Speak your mind and show your anger. Get their attention. Kick some tail.


Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell DeBusk said Parker, 21, was arrested in the parking lot of the Sutters Mill Apartment complex just after midnight Saturday morning.

DeBusk said officer Sam Henard saw Parker standing in the parking lot of the complex, waving his hands and yelling.

Henard then arrested Parker and took him to the detention center . . . .

The guy was arrested for waving his hands and yelling? Quick! Order more cuffs! There's 21,000 at Thompson-Boling that are just asking for it!

Okay, so I'm leaving what I said up there for now, but we really should wait to hear the whole story. If he didn't do anything but wave his arms and yell, then, well, there's something wrong with that cop. I suspect there's something more to it, however.